Expertise In This Area Is Limited

Jim Spliedt, Vice President

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog #8

Today was a little slower than yesterday’s big Spring Cleaning day at the Clothing Closet.  We had several servicemen and women come through to pick up a few items they needed and didn’t get their first visit.  Also today, I was walking down the main corridor and saw some of the service people who had been to the Wounded Warrior Ministry Clothing Closet this week and we knew each other by sight.  One soldier in particular was shy the other day and said very little, but this time when I met him we stopped to talk. 

On the lighter side, Karen asked me to collect several items while she escorted and stayed with one of the patients through his medical exam and procedure in the morning.  One item on the list was various sizes of sports bras, and I can honestly say my expertise in this area is limited.  It was humorous to the staff to watch me as I went through newly arrived boxes looking for ladies undergarments while referring to my list of women’s regular and sports bra sizes.

Gerhart GabyFor lunch, we traveled to the Pfalzer Stuben Hotel, which is where I am staying during my visit to Landstuhl.  The owners of the hotel, Gaby and Gerhard Mueller, received a special Certificate of Appreciation and challenge coin at lunch by the LRMC Chaplain’s office for the kindness and support they have shown Karen over the last few weeks.  I can honestly say that both Gaby and Gerhard have been superb hosts during my stay in Germany.  After this presentation, both Karen and I received Certificates of Appreciation from the Chaplain’s office for our volunteer work supporting the Wounded Warrior Ministry, too.

This afternoon I had two patients, one with a cast on his right foot, and one with a cast on her left foot.  Both of them were looking for one shoe.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the same shoe size, as he was over 6’ tall and she was around 5’2”.  There are two special bins at the Clothing Closet, one with single right shoes and the other single left shoes.  These bins are the result of the amputees coming to the Clothing Closet needing only one shoe and they are a reminder to every one of the sacrifices being made by some members of our military.  We finally found a shoe to fit my 6’ tall friend, but the other one was proving to be a bit more challenging.  She had very petite feet and said she needed a very small shoe.  Just after she said that, I found a tiny baby shoe in the bottom of the bin.  No one knows why it was in there to start with.  I brought it out and asked if she would like to try it on, but our little group just started laughing and she declined.

I am a little saddened to know tomorrow is my last day working at the Clothing Closet.

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