Down Right Miserable and In Shorts

Today started colder than most of last week and ended much colder, rainy and downright miserable. I spent most of the day restocking shelves from the patients that came in over the weekend. I also sent two more boxes down range to one of our contacts. Tomorrow will be spent shipping more boxes down range, but will also be busy with lots of patients that came in today that did not come into the WWMC due to the weather. When it is yucky like today most of them don’t like to travel to come see us but then others don’t have a choice like the young patient who was on his way to see if his bag had arrived from down range. He had just walked out of the hospital when the cold air hit him in his short sleeve t-shirt and shorts. They were going to take him to get his bag first when I suggested we put him in some sweats first. I suggested he put them on over his shorts and he hesitated at first but then jumped at the idea and wasted no time putting the sweat pants on right over his shorts. He also put the sweatshirt on over his t-shirt.

I wanted to let some of you know that the Walgreen pillows are now on the shelves. They brought more blankets from the warehouse which were some of ours. I know one was ours as it had our LHCP pin on it. It was blue and light grey fleece tied with a LHCP pin. I was going to try to be in the WWMC when the patient took it, but I was inside the hospital delivering some supplies and came back and it was gone. Our toothpaste with our labels on them is out on the shelves and I don’t see too many others that are sending the small tubes. Most others are sending large tubes and they are not being put out for the troops since they don’t take them. Our foot powder from MN is also out on the shelves and this is the last of all the foot powder that they seem to have. We have no MED sweat pants. I need a group member to get on the internet and start searching for the best price for sweat pants ASAP and let us get some ordered through the group and shipped within a week. There is a very large shipment of sweats coming in but until those arrive we need some sweats here now.

I need woman’s tennis shoes 5 and 6. I only need about 3 pairs each. Women are well taken care of otherwise. These must be running shoes as they work best if one foot is taking all the pressure from the other being injured or if the patient is well enough to do PT.

I am tired more than usual tonight. It must be working in the cold so heading to bed before 11.

Today I worked 9.75 hours thanks to Beverly D’Ambrosio and her contribution to my trip.

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