Dated 1 December 2011 but received March 15th 2012

MEMORANDUM FOR Karen Grimord and Landstuhl Hospital Care Project

SUBJECT: Letter of Appreciation

1. On behalf of the Jordan M. Byrd Trauma Center, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you Ms. Karen Grimord and Landstuhl Hospital Care Project.

2. You supported our unit with clothing, toiletry bags, magazines, snacks and outer garments for local nationals and soldiers who were treated as patients at our facility.  We would like to acknowledge your generosity and consideration.  Your cards of support and your generous care packages were truly a blessing to our mission.

3. We appreciate the support to the U.S. military your organization has provided.  it is your kindness that empowers the locals and encourages our staff to continue with this difficult mission.


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