CSH Nurse+LHCP President Meet at LRMC

Today was a very slow day for patients.  We only got 14 new patients and that is very good for a Monday.  Two are in bad shape and I pray that the one that went to ICU has the will and determination to live a meaningful and productive life.

Today was spent cleaning out store room 2 and part of 3. I had 4 other volunteers working with me today, so we got a lot accomplished.  I have 8 more boxes of excess ready to go to the Middle East.  We still have so much excess I am unsure I will be able to rid LRMC of it.

Last Friday I was introduced to a new liaison, Kim.  She will be here for 3 years.  I did not think much of the introduction until today.  She came in with her two new patients.  I got the patients going on the little bit of paperwork they have to do and then showed them where to find the towels, toiletries and clothing.  I don’t really know what Kim said, but something made a connection in my tired brain and I realized that she was at a CSH a while back and I had sent items from LHCP directly to her.

When I made the connection, I could not help but tell her that I had sent her stuff while she was in the Middle East.  All of the sudden, she said “Karen Grimord.”  She of course did not pronounce the last name correctly, but if you ask my in-laws, neither do I.  I told her I was Karen and she let out a big shriek and hugged me.  She then had to tell everyone in the WWMC that the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project had shipped supplies to her while she was at the CSH.  She told them that everything from blankets, pillows, clothing, endoscope, otoscopes, shoes, sheets, snacks, extra tall crutches, and duffel bags at her CSH were from the LHCP.

She told the patients that we provided everything her CSH needed.  That when she could not get pillows, she asked if we could send some and in a short time they were there.  One of the patients asked if they were the little travel ones and she said yes.  He laughed and said he had one and had a good morphine high on it – that it was a great pillow.  We all laughed and she said it was not just pillows, but the wonderful blankets and sheets.  We have Standard Textile to thank for that shipment.  She said she needed otoscopes and LHCP sent 2 to her.  She just kept saying what a small world it was and she was so happy that we got to meet.  I still do not know what she said for me to make the connection, but I am really happy that we got to meet in person.  It is not often that we get to meet those that we provide LHCP items to.

Thank you to all those that support us, it is days like today that make it all worthwhile.  None of us will ever know when we will meet a patient or hospital staff that we have supported.  When it happens to you savor that moment and let it fill your heart with joy and pride.

Friday, I worked 8 hours and today, Monday I worked 8 hours.  Thanks to Shari Miller for helping make this trip possible!

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