Chocolate Easter Bunnies

This weekend I had not planned to work, but my plans got changed.  We had a rather large flight come in on Saturday, so I worked 4 hours and then decided to wash clothes.

We have some chocolate bunnies left over from the German company that donated them, so we gave them out to the patients that came in and some were taken to the USO here at Landstuhl.  I spent about 4 hours at the USO tonight just “hanging out” and talking with some of the people that came in.

One of the patients came into the WWMC on Saturday.  He remembered my name and showed me the sneakers he had on.  They were from the WWMC and one of the pairs that we had shipped to LRMC.  Many of the troops want black, gray, brown, or blue clothing.  If they choose black sweat pants, they want a black sweat shirt.  He is the first one on this trip that wanted tan sweat pants with a brown sweat shirt, white & black sneakers and a nice burnt orange shirt.  Now the shirt he had to buy with his $250 voucher that the GOV gives to them but he got the rest of his clothing from the WWMC.  Most of the guys say their wives dress them when they are home, but this guy needed no help.

Another patient I met a few days ago was also there.  She came up to say hi and let me know that her friend had to go back to the states yesterday.  She was not doing well and they sent her out ahead of schedule.  She was going back to her base to seek treatment, but now is at Walter Reed.  I plan to make a trip there when I get back stateside.

The USO is a nice facility, they have a small section for the guys to hang out and play cards or board games.  There is a kitchen area where they served an Easter dinner on paper plates that the men and woman could take back to their room, sit outside, or eat in front of the TV.  The weather here has been very nice and many of the patients are sitting outside and soaking up the sun.  The USO has computers, so everyone can check on email or send a loved one the daily update.  There are phones that they can use to call home for free.

They had a lot of volunteers there.  I wish some would come to the WWMC.  We could use 3 or 4 of them just to sort through mail.  When I got here, the storage rooms were not quite as nicely organized as when I left, but the chaplain’s assistants have so much to do during the day that the storage rooms don’t get a daily make-over.  I don’t know if I can get everything in them organized before I leave, but I will try.  At least I’ll make sure that I don’t add to it.   It is looking a little better by getting some of the excess packed up and shipped to our units in the Middle East.

My friend’s memorial service is Tuesday and I will not be working that day.  I thank all of you for your understanding.

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