Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Good day Karen,

I wanted to send our sincere thanks for the many boxes of clothes,
pillow, sheets and clothes that you send to our folks at Kabul. The
items were very much appreciated. We especially loved the customized blankets and pillows…especially the AF one!! That one was a hot commodity that people fought for…GO AF!! : ) Please pass on our thanks to all those that contributed and let them know their support is very much appreciated. My team was jealous when they saw the many boxes that I received. It brought a smile to their faces when I explained that the boxes were for all of us. Again, thanks so much for what you do.


Friday, 23 March 2012 Snail Mail

Just wanted to write you and thank you so much for the two big boxes you sent me and the people in the OR unit.  I shared all the blankets and sheets you sent us.

Really appreciate the gifts, it made me smile when I saw those two big boxes with my name,  I was not expecting it.

We will share the gifts with everybody here. 

Thank you so much



Dated 1 December 2011 but received March 15th 2012

MEMORANDUM FOR Karen Grimord and Landstuhl Hospital Care Project

SUBJECT: Letter of Appreciation

1. On behalf of the Jordan M. Byrd Trauma Center, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you Ms. Karen Grimord and Landstuhl Hospital Care Project.

2. You supported our unit with clothing, toiletry bags, magazines, snacks and outer garments for local nationals and soldiers who were treated as patients at our facility.  We would like to acknowledge your generosity and consideration.  Your cards of support and your generous care packages were truly a blessing to our mission.

3. We appreciate the support to the U.S. military your organization has provided.  it is your kindness that empowers the locals and encourages our staff to continue with this difficult mission.


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I am sorry that I haven’t emailed you in a while. Thank you so much for all your support, and trust me it was greatly appreciated, especially the blankets, towels, pjs, shoes and everything else in between. Attached are some photos of our place.

I did have a question, when patients are transferred up to LRMC from the theater of operations, where do all their blankets go? I know when we send them up there via liter we package them up in a “burrito”/ hypothermia kit with a blanket. Do they recycle those blankets or destroy them? just wondering


Saturday, 03 March 2012

Dear Karen, and the team at the LHCP–

Thank you for your continued support you and the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project provide to our Soldier, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. I would particularly like to thank you for your support of the xx Combat Support Hospital, and our predecessors in this mission, the 115th Combat Support Hospital. Our mission here is evolving, and the medical foot-print in the theater is shifting from large hospital centers to smaller forward surgical elements, and luckily our patient population is shifting away from US Forces to care of the Afghan Army as their Soldiers take the lead in their own national security. So our needs are changing, and I would not like to continue to use your resources if they can be used better in other locations.

Since I am often in other locations across the task force– I would like to introduce to you via- e-mail Captain MH one of my super-star ICU nurses at Camp XX. She is a great resource manager, and can better help your organization determine what our support needs might be. She can also make sure our forward elements have some of the comfort items you provide. Please use her as the Xth CSH and TF MED SW point of contact– and continue to let me know how I can help support your mission.

I see our Marine patients almost daily receive and appreciate the
kindness and gratitude of Americans like yourselves who selflessly
support their service. They rarely know where the kindness comes for–but deeply appreciate the generosity and the small items of comfort; on their behalf I offer my sincere and humble thanks.



Colonel, Army Nurse Corps

Thursday, 02 February 2012

Thank you so much for all the shipments that you have sent. We received it a couple days ago and greatly appreciate everything that was sent. We are about to leave here soon, would you mind if I passed your e-mail on to the next unit that is coming in to replace us? We will also not be able to get any more mail in from here on out. Once again, thank you so much for everything that you do and continue to do.

10th MTN DIV
Senior Line Medic

Wednesday, 18 January 2012 (Snail Mail)

Ms. Karen Grimord and Landstuhl Hospital Care Project

Thank you so much for your continued generous support of the chaplains closet.  The funds and resources you donate are used to help provide immediate needs for wounded warriors and augment chaplain led events designed to enhance total well being for them.

Your generosity is an invaluable blessing.

Thank you!

Chaplain (Colonel) U.S. Army
Chief, Clinical Pastoral Division
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Monday, 16 January 2012 (Snail Mail)

Dear Friends

We at the Schinnen Commissary would like to express our heart felt thanks for your time and concern in our Military families here in the Netherlands as well as all over the world.

You taking the time to help our families make ends meet as well as your sincere efforts in letting them know they are in your hearts and minds.  We at Schinnen commissary take pride in continuing your efforts by putting these coupons to work on all products that we have available here and will continue to do so as we are here for our soldiers, airman, sailors and marines.  We will continue to try and bring them a bit of home with the products and services they have come to know at homes and with your help we are stretching their food dollar.

Let’s tell you a little about us, we are located in an area called the try-border as Germany and Belgium are our neighbors, we provide services to a large community from marines at the consulates in Dusseldorf and Totterdam to our NATO contingent of Airman at Geilenkirchen air base and headquarters Army Brunssum to include our American Civilian work force, Canadian allies, retires and their families, as you can see you have a great impact with your kindness to a wide range of folks here all trying to defend freedom loving people all over the world.

Again thanks from the people who serve those that serve and we wish you all the best.

Schinnen Commissary the Netherlands
Management and Staff.