Brownies’ fulfill their desire

Brownie Troop from Florida collected 350 boxes of donated Girl Scout Cookies for our wounded troops
Brownies collect 350 boxes of cookies for LHCP to send to our wounded troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and LRMC.

Brownie Troop Abby and Chasity
Abby and Chasity are more than willing to leaning a helping hand to support our wounded troops.

Brownie Troop Mya
Mya carries her responsibility with pride.

Brownie Troop Ava delivers to Goin' Postal to ship to LHCP
Ava shows she can carry her load to help with pride also.

Injured soldiers to receive Girl Scout cookies as part of Leesburg Brownie troop’s fundraising campaign

Members of the military who have become sick, injured or wounded from service in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait will soon receive some Girl Scout cookies thanks to a Leesburg Brownie Troop and the local community.

The Brownie troop is partnering with Landstuhl Hospital Care Project to send boxes of popular Girl Scout cookies overseas. Through out the recent Girl Scout Cookie selling drive, the Brownies offered customers the option to donate boxes of cookies to the hospitalized overseas.

Going Postal is underwriting the shipping to send the 350 donated cookie boxes to LHCP headquarters in Virginia where they will then be distributed overseas to troops at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany and field hospitals in combat areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

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