Bring Me Up To Date On Fashions

I got 3 emails from Don today for the box that we sent. He was so excited I guess he could not put it all in one. LOL

Wow….Thanks for the box Karen

Today was like my B-day

I have a new stuffed friend on top of my PC

I really like these shoes….they are so Cool.

Thanks for helping to bring me up to date on fashions

Karen, you are a very nice lady to do this for me.

Many thanks to you and yours.



I’m truly sorry about this and I did look at the name on the quilt, but that was many hours ago and I guess I’m old because I don’t remember now, but it was a solid powder blue quilt. The 20-year old female that took it said to say THANKS. She came back from the down range, had surgery and found out she has cancer and is heading back to the States. But she said to tell whoever’s name was on that quilt thank you so much that she really liked it.

If anyone is interested in more pillows, we could use 10 full pillows. 20 of the half size pillows.

Kathy, a National Guard member from the 167th said to say “HI.”

We need jersey shorts in 3 hospitals, including here at LRMC.


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