ASY and LHCP Team Up

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Following the America Supports You Freedom Walk in September, LHCP was given surplus t-shirts to distribute to troops overseas and to veterans at home
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From one of our medical contacts in Iraq we heard, “the ‘America Supports You’ t-shirts came in right after Veteran’s Day, so we gave them out to everyone we saw in support of that day. Troops were impressed and tickled.”
ASY Delivery Old GuardASY Delivery
From a VA facility in Virginia, we received a letter stating: “The entire staff of this hospital wishes to thank you for the donation of the following: 21 boxes of “T” shirts-72 per box @$4 each total Value of $6,048.00 [LHCP does not determine the value of items donated. This value was determined by the VA hospital.
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Everything that is done to benefit the veterans at Hunter Holmes McGuire VAMC is greatly appreciated by the patients, the entire staff, and the volunteers. Mere words cannot express how much your donations mean to the patients!”
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Our ability to distribute these surplus t-shirts in a timely manner is another way LHCP supports our deployed troops and stateside veterans.
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