A Foot With Personality


I worked on Saturday and we had about 20 patients come through. We got a lot unpacked and put in the closet or in the storage room. I also met a nurse from down range at one of the largest hospitals in the field. She told me that we can support them by sending shorts, pillows, and pants (NO SHIRTS). She also told me that they DO NOT NEED TOILETRIES OF ANY KIND.

I sat here all day today and got all the labels on our apes for Valentine’s Day.  I have some pictures I will send Ray to put on Jonathan’s page as soon as I get them out of the camera.

This group [the Yahoo Group] got quiet when I came over here. Do I have back up in the States?




Today was a very cold day. We had several ghost flights come in, so it was busy also. I had one patient that came back in for a hat for his foot. One of the other volunteers helped him Saturday and I saw him about half an hour after he left and his cast leg and foot were uncovered, so I told him to come back and see me today and we would put a hat on that foot. Well, we chose two hats one black one for while he was in his uniform and the other had two tassels on top and was multi-colored for his civvies. We talked for almost 45 minutes about everything; he was a preschool teacher before joining the Army. Anyway, a very nice young man, has a great personality and his foot has two hats now, in uniform and out.

I also meet a young man who is from Huntsville, AL, where my folks are living. I may be posting more about him later but it is always interesting to meet someone from some where you know.

Dianne S., your socks are going out the door like crazy. I have seen your labels all day today. Ginger, please let the legion know that their sweats are on the shelf and also being used. The last of the auxiliary quilts are on the shelf now. They don’t last long when they get put out.

I’m going to take a shower, as I have changed many a combat boot today.


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