A Flag Stood Watch Over America’s Sons and Daughters


I was going to write an update tonigh,t but after reading this email I can’t.

Dear Karen,

I am LCPL XXXXXX’ mother. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being so kind to my son! I also want you to know that you are an answer to my prayers. I’m sure that you understand how difficult it is to have XXXXXXX so far away from home, possible hurting, and not be able to be with him. It is like torture to know that he has been going through all of those tests and not being able to be there to talk to the doctors and make sure that he is being taken care of. I have prayed for God to put someone there with him who would care for him as a person. Not just another Marine who needs to get back out into the field, but someone’s son; you are that person. You’ve proven it by taking your time to send this picture. My prayer will be that God blesses you abundantly and just as you have provided for my son that there will always be someone to care for you and your children. Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Executive Assistant



My name is Sgt XXXXX. I recently had surgery in Landstuhl hospital in Germany. I was a soldier that was hurt in Iraq. I would like to thank you for all the support for the troops. It is such a warm feeling, knowing that some people really care. When I received clothes and hygiene products from you at the store I was amazed. I had no clue nothing like that existed. It brings tears to my eyes knowing you want to help. I will be heading back down range here soon. I will never forget the care I received from your organization. Tell everyone I said thanks. May we never forget freedom isn’t free! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!


You know that little voice inside of you that talks to you. It speaks of hope, love and sharing. Some days it seems like it is too much. Today this young kid came in and he just looked scared. When I looked at him you just knew he needed a hug. (Of course he got one.) I asked him if he was ok. He said he was just a little scared. I asked him why. He said that the last thing he remembers was being in Iraq. Now he is here and he is not sure what is next. He received a blow to the head that was so severe that he had a concussion and woke up in Germany. The fear was so evident in this young man. I got everything he needed and sent him out the door but not before making sure he knew where he was going and how to get there. (He just was not sure.) So I followed up with making sure the second man in the closet followed him to the bus stop and introduced himself.

I spent about half an hour cutting clothing for a man who needed both wrist bands cut from sweat shirts and a zip up hoody so that he could get them over two bad arms. He also needed break-away pants for the long brace on his leg. Do you think that they know when I pack their bags or when we ship our boxes that they overflow with wishes, prayers, respect, honor and gratitude?

Tomorrow is Lawrence’s birthday. He will be 25. Say Happy Birthday to him when you get up and I will let him know if I see him tomorrow that all of you wished him a Happy Birthday. He arrived from down range today.

We have no med. sweats again and about 8 small left. I have asked Kathy to purchase about $300 worth of small and med sweat pants for here. We also need white med. t-shirts if I have not posted that already.

Every morning on the bus I hope that my actions here show these troops that our hearts shine for them and ache for them in their period of pain. I also hope that though some may be crying silently, they know they are not alone. I want to thank all of you that support this project while I’m here.

I also received a VERY special gift from the field today in the mail. It is an American flag from a Marine Detachment that we supported. It was flown in honor of our unwavering support. The letter says

This Flag has stood watch over America’s Sons and Daughters who are in harms way in the country of Iraq. It has stood watch through the joys of the Holidays and sorrow of Marines giving the ultimate sacrifice that can be asked of them. It was flying when the Iraqi people voted in the first free election in over 50 years. It has been a beacon showing us the way home and an inspiration of things to come for the People of Iraq. It has flown high and protected us from harm. I’m sure after being packed in a box and shipped halfway around the world it will be a little wrinkled and still have sand in its folds, but it is our most prized possession. It was flown for you, for the uncompromising support you have shown us. May it always protect you and those you love as it has protected us.

The papers with the Hadji script are actual voting ballets used during the election. Hopefully they have started a chain of events that keep us from ever having to return here again.

Xxxx xxxx

This flag represents the heroism and sacrifice of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Many service men and women have paid the ultimate price by giving their lives in defense of the Iraqi people during their fight for freedom.

Whenever and wherever this flag is displayed, it will always carry with it, the memory of those who were lost while bringing freedom to those who have never known it.


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