Sept 27, 2007

It has been a long cold rainy day and I am tired and this is going to be short. We had a lot of flights today and a lot of patients. Several arrived at the emergency room entrance so you know that they are in serious condition.

The staff has not been able to get to the warehouse for two days and so my mission to get items down range has been put on hold. I did manage to go through some bins here and clear out the outdated toothpaste, lotion and mouthwash. Some of the lotion had expiration dates of 1990 so you know that someone set it in that way. We got a donation today of used men’s deodorant. I know that men are different than women but REALLY why would you think that someone would use your used deodorant?

I worked 10 hours today in thanks to Barbara.

GOOD NIGHT, going home. Oh, a cast sock went out today. The new owner was from Georgia and the cast sock maker was from Georgia, but forgive me I am too tired to remember who that is.


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